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Wine Studies - Oenology

About This Course

Why Oenology?

You all know the word Biology. It comes from ancient Greek βίος (bios) meaning Life and λογος (logos) meaning speech, consideration (thoughts). Biology is the science of life. Well Oenology follows the same pattern. οἶνος (oinos) means wine, so logically Oenology is the science of wines.

High class restaurants usually appoint a ‘sommelier’ French word for wine waiter or wine butler. A person who should know everything about wines and other beverages served in a restaurant. This course does not go that far, indeed this would be a full programme on its own… In other smaller restaurants, a good waiter must also be able to provide customers with some information and advice about wines. In Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management some knowledge about wines and other beverages is a must. That’s the reason why our University is pleased to offer this course.

Introduction to Oenology will be a long journey starting with a study of the most important beverages in a restaurant, explaining Food and Wine Pairing. To be able to understand why a young Bordeaux matches a rare steak, one has to know the different grape varieties, understand the wine making and aging processes. Storing, tasting and serving wines belong to daily operations in the Food and Beverages business. There are different types of wines, some are 'fortified' with alcohol. How is alcohol made? A country like France appears as the flagship of the wine industry, this assumption may be wrong. Wine is produced, excellent wines are produced should we rather say, in many parts of the world. Old World, New World, New Latitude Wines. What does that mean?

This course will attempt to give an answer to these questions.

Customers often want to know more, that’s why history but also viticulture are parts of this fifteen-week course.

Finally, because we are talking about alcoholic beverages we need to know the risks related to alcohol consumption and how to deal in a responsible manner with alcohol service in Hospitality.


The course has no prerequisites.

Course Staff

Ajarn Bernard

  LtCol(R) Bernard E Deham

  Restaurant, Events and Catering Certificate; TEFL Certificate;
  BS(1stClass Hons) in Applied Economics;
  MS(Hons) in Engineering and Business Management Science;
  Certified Financial Analyst (ABAF - Belgian Society of Financial Analysts);

Assumption College Sriracha 2003-2007;
Rangsit University 2007-2008;
Asian University 2008-today.

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    Mar 30, 2015
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